Naming Ceremony

babyThere is much more joy and compassion in the world when a child enters into your Life.

A Naming Ceremony or Chlld Welcoming is a compassionate celebration of a new life that welcomes your Baby or child into the world and into your Family. It is a time of immense joy to share this moment with your Family and Friends through a joyous celebration and presentation of the Child to the community that will guide the baby on their journey.

A spiritual or secular custom ceremony can be performed and created with all your personal requests and special stylings. It will remain yours to keep and commemorate. 

The Naming Ceremony establishes the foundation from which the child will gain strength. The siblings, extended family and friends create the foundation and integrity that the child can learn be be educated from. Through the Ceremony, a bond will be created with these special people.

The Ceremony may be held in a location of your choice. Your home, a garden or any lovely gathering space that you choose will serve as the environment for your Naming Ceremony.

Ceremonies can be held for children of any age and for adults as well. Invite your Family and Friends to celebrate the lovely arrival of your precious child, welcoming them into your world with grace, kindness, dignity and love.




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