What I Do

A Personalized Ceremony

As a licensed Marriage Commissioner serving Edmonton and the surrounding area, I am committed to providing couples with a personalized ceremony they will remember and cherish forever.

Whether you desire a contemporary or traditional ceremony, I will help make your day a truly wonderful experience by

  • working with you to create a personalized ceremony and vows
  • participating in a rehearsal to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of your ceremony
  • helping you identify reputable, reliable wedding service providers

Realizing Your Dream Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony and vows reflect the uniqueness of your relationship and your love, which has brought you to this memorable occasion in your lives. Together, we will create an original ceremony based on your wishes and desires. With your input, I will script personalized vows that reflect your family, religious and ethnic traditions and incorporate children and other participants you identify.

I can provide a large collection of vows, readings and symbolic ceremonies that can be personalized to fulfill your dream ceremony. Many options are available, including having family members or other important people in your lives perform parts of the ceremony. 

At the conclusion of your wedding service, I will present you with a beautifully scripted certificate and a souvenir booklet containing your vows.

Practice Makes Perfect

You will only have one chance to get your ceremony right. For this reason, I will attend a rehearsal with you and your wedding party. This will provide the wedding party participants with an opportunity to practice their roles without impacting the flow and beauty of your ceremony. It will also provide you with the comfort of knowing you can rely on the other wedding party participants to properly perform their duties during the actual ceremony.  

A Stress Free Ceremony

You will probably find enough issues to stress over as you plan your wedding. My experience as both a wedding commissioner and event planner will help ensure that your wedding planning and ceremony involve a minimal amount of stress. To help take care of your wedding day, I can help with the selection of

  • venues, both indoor and ourdoor
  • catering
  • event design
  • entertainment
  • music, including musicians
  • photographers and videographers
  • flowers, florists and floral arrangements
  • any other components for your special day 

My Promise to You

I will create a comfortable and personal experience that you will never forget and will always keep in your heart. Your ceremony will be custom designed and elegant, so you can focus on what is truly important—each other!



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